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Sean Carswell is Brilliant and You Should Read Everything He Writes

Sean Carswell is a brilliant author of several novels.  You should read them all.  If you don’t have a chance right this moment to go out and buy one, you should at least check out his long-running magazine, and now punk podcast and website- Razorcake.  And even then, if you can’t do that- but you can, because we just gave you the link- you should follow his blog, which often has amazing articles and stories and rants from Razorcake.  Sean teaches English at Cal State University, Channel Islands, and his students better know how lucky they are.  This is what it looks like when the punker kid from Cocoa Beach, Florida, grows up and studies Pynchon.  Lookin’ good, Mr. Carswell.  Lookin’ good.

Sean Carswell in Ventura, CA

Author Sean Carswell. Photo by Ben Trivett

Kendall Jenner Walks the Chanel Couture Runway in Paris

Kendall is kendalljenner at Instagram

Instagram Photo of Kendall Jenner at Chanel Couture F2014, Paris. posted the gorgeous photo above on her Instagram

Kendall Jenner made her Chanel Couture Runway debut this week in Paris.  She posted the above photo on her Instagram (kendalljenner).  Jenner wore a wool plaid column dress, and sported the messy faux-hawk of the season.  The runway hairstyle mirrors the new coif of Chanel’s Celebrity Face, Kristen Stewart.  You can read more about Kendall’s debut at Hello Magazine, and see her featured on

Kendall Jenner at Paris Couture Week

Kendall Jenner Modeling Chanel Couture F2014, Paris


As for the collection itself, you won’t see your Grandma’s Chanel suit.  Lagerfeld has experimented with the familiar Chanel textured fabrics, and given the collection a more fit and flare shape.  You see rigid shoulders, experimentation with collar shape, heavy embellishment, and structured skirts on evening gowns.  See below, and see the entire collection at Now Fashion.

A good example of collar shape and experimentation at Chanel Couture

Chanel Couture Suit, F2014

Notice the ornate detail of beading and rigid skirt shape.

Chanel Couture Gown F2014

Varied Looks from Chanel Couture F2014

Gowns from Chanel Couture F2104

The Day Kristen Stewart Cropped Her Hair and Her Top

Kristen Stewart Debuts her new Hair Style at Chanel Couture in Paris

Kristen Stewart at Chanel Couture, Paris

It’s the Paris Couture Fashion Week buzz of the day: Kristen Stewart.

She arrived at the Chanel Couture show all in white, looking fabulous in a cropped top, and with a cropped hair style to match. She’s been the new face of Chanel since December, and the partnership seems successful, with Stewart’s looks and style giving Chanel an edgier feel than they’ve presented in the past.

Kristen Stewart and Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel Haute Couture Show, Paris for F2014

Kristen Stewart and Karl Lagerfeld

For even more images of Kristen at Chanel’s show, check out Hello Magazine’s coverage.  You can also vote on Kristen’s look at


Charlize Theron Stuns at Dior Couture Show in Paris


Everyone’s talking about it, so we thought we should too.  Charlize Theron and Sean Penn made quite the entrance at Dior’s Couture Fall 2014/15 show in Paris on Monday.  She looks amazing, they look great together, and you can click the link for a million fantastic images from Getty and the Daily Mail.  This is truly the power couple of the moment, or longer?

What about the Dior show itself?  It is quite a beautiful collection, full of interesting shapes, stunning embroidery, and pops of bright color including vivid blue and orange.

Dior Haute Couture F2014, Paris

Dior Haute Couture F2014, Paris

Dior Haute Couture F2014, Paris

Dior Haute Couture F2014, Paris

Raf Simons, The Beligian Designer behind Dior Couture F2014

Raf Simons, The Beligian Designer behind Dior Couture F2014

You can see more of the collection, including the images above, at The Windsor Star.

Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally Are In a Play. See It!

Yet another great portrait of our favorite working couple, Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman.  Still at The Acorn Theater in NYC doing Sharr White’s play Annapurna, produced by The New Group. Through June 1.

Maiko Takeda Makes Incredible Headpieces

“Royal College of Art student Maiko Takeda is a breath of fresh air in the world of millinery. Her architectural headpieces resemble porcupine quills, ostrich feathers and tiny iridescent fish scales, all artfully woven together with logic and geometry in mind.”