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In this season of Under The Gunn, designer Shan Keith was a front runner the entire season.  His innovative designs, and use of bold prints, paired with his mastery of the jacket, were impressive and exciting.  For his last designs, Shan stepped outside of the design box the judges came to expect, and we think this risk, though stunning, is what kept him from being closer to the top.  Still, Shan is an amazing designer, and we want him to get the attention he deserves.  We caught up with him recently, and he chatted with us about his Under The Gunn experience, and the wonderful things he’s up to now.


1. Who are you and what season(s) did you participate in?

 My name is Shan Keith and I am a designer from St. Louis, Missouri.  I sew and design for men, women, and children.  I was a finalist in Season 1 of Project Runway: Under the Gunn.

2. Please give a brief description of you design style.

My design aesthetic is ready-to-wear.  I try to be resourceful with my garments and combine different prints and textures!
shan keith 3

Shan Keith, Finalist on Under The Gunn

3. What was the most challenging thing about the Under The Gunn experience BESIDES the challenges themselves?
The Most challenging thing about being a part of the Under the Gunn experience was first trying to stick to your own point of view, while conforming to the challenges, and also pleasing the judges.  Secondly, it was hard being away from my family for so long , but it was well worth it!
Under The Gunn Judges

Tim Gunn, Jen Rade, Zana Roberts Rassi, Rachel Roy, Under The Gunn Judges

4.  Who have you met or worked with during or since the Under The Gunn experience that you are most proud of or excited about?
 I got a chance to mentored by Anya, which was great.  Also great, was a chance to be critiqued, and  getting to know the judges; Jen Rade, Zana Roberts Rassi, and Rachel Roy.
5.  What have you been working on, and what are you excited about since Under The Gunn?
 Right now I am currently designing and sewing a lot of looks for different people, and also working on trying to produce my own line.  A lot of projects in the works!
6.  Besides the basics, what sewing notion or tool could you NEVER do without?
 I could never do without my scissors!  They are glued to me, and when I can’t find my certain shears I feel awkward!
7.  Is there anything else you’d like us to know or see?
 I just want to thank you for the opportunity to answer theses questions.  Please keep looking out for my designs.  Follow me on Instagram @shankeith1, Facebook Shan Keith, and Twitter @shankeith.  Also for inquires, email me at
3 Looks from Shan's Designs on Under The Gunn

3 Looks from Shan’s Designs on Under The Gunn

Special thanks to Shan for chatting with us.  Shan, we wish you all the best and would love to catch up with you if you find yourself in New York City!- C. Scott

All interview text and photo content provided by Shan Keith, unless watermarked, linked, or specified.

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