Month: December 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Rules the Red Carpet in Dior


2013’s Top Trendsetters

Photo by Barry King/FilmMagic

Showing off her new ‘do in November, Jennifer Lawrence went sexy in Christian Dior at the L.A. premiere of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”

It’s no wonder Jennifer Lawrence is on top in trendsetting this year.  She is the “IT” girl of 2013.

The Wolf Of Wall Street


“I wanted to do a film that, to me, was a depiction of the times we live in. Jordan Belfort was somebody that I was obsessed with playing since 2008, watching the destruction of our economy. He’s not the problem, but he represents something within our very nature and our society that’s very wrong… It was a fun process because there really was no limit to what we could do because Jordan’s biography depicted stuff we could never have imagined.”

—Leonardo DiCaprio forThe Wolf of Wall Street

See this movie.  DiCaprio succinctly sums it up.  It’s a wild ride.

#DesignerJeffery Off Project Runway’s All Stars

We were so sad to see Jeffrey go on All Stars last week.  He does seem to be a different designer than the man we met in 2006.  Click the image of Jeffrey to watch a video of fellow competitors commenting on this shift in the designer’s work. #designerjefferey #project runway