CSU Channel Islands

Sean Carswell is Brilliant and You Should Read Everything He Writes

Sean Carswell is a brilliant author of several novels.  You should read them all.  If you don’t have a chance right this moment to go out and buy one, you should at least check out his long-running magazine, and now punk podcast and website- Razorcake.  And even then, if you can’t do that- but you can, because we just gave you the link- you should follow his blog, which often has amazing articles and stories and rants from Razorcake.  Sean teaches English at Cal State University, Channel Islands, and his students better know how lucky they are.  This is what it looks like when the punker kid from Cocoa Beach, Florida, grows up and studies Pynchon.  Lookin’ good, Mr. Carswell.  Lookin’ good.

Sean Carswell in Ventura, CA

Author Sean Carswell. Photo by Ben Trivett