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And This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things by Ben Trivett

From our favorite photographer, Ben Trivett:


Check out the new venue for all of the ridiculous polaroids you’ve been seeing me shoot!

Head over and check out ‘And This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’

Brooklyn Decker for 2014.

Rhinestoned Monsters by Ben Trvett


This week’s #TBT is a never before seen set of photos created w/ the makeup genius Dr. Flux!!! We made these images about a year ago w/ the intention of making a bunch more and it just never came together, but we talked the other night and decided to push these out so people could get a little Halloween in the Springtime.

Rhinestone Horror:

Photos – Ben Trivett

Rhinestone art and makeup – Dr. Flux

Hair and Styling – Rosey La Rouge

Models – Bitty Bamboo (Wolfman), Nathalie Neriec (The Mummy), Boo Bess (The Zombie), Miz Margo (Dracula)