quilt class group

Many of the members of our quilting class and guests. (Clockwise from bottom center: Cyndi, Dottie, Iris from BAC, Guita, Reginalda, Coleen, Lily, Silkje, Brother John from the adjoining church, Nilda and Gladys.

This week marked the end of our current unit on quilting at the Prospect Hill Senior Services Center.  The latest unit was centered around the Batik fabric traditions of Indonesia.  With generous funding from a SU-CASA grant, the class was able to generate some of their own fabric with custom prints, and these pieces became part of a quilt.  We combined our homemade fabrics with commercial batik fabrics and the colorful quilt that resulted is by far our best group project yet.

new quilt

SU-CASA sponsored programming: Batik quilt project by the quilters at PHSSC.


The images below are just a few documenting the afternoon’s presentation.  We revealed our newest quilt to the lunch crowd at the center, and then invited them to come up on the stage to see the display and share some cake, cookies and a little sparkling cider to celebrate.

quilt show sign

Coleen makes a special sign announcing the quilt show.

Dottie hanging quilts

Dottie carefully hangs quilts for our display.


Cyndi helps prepare the delicious treats that the PHSSC provided for our event!

quilt show panorama

A panoramic view of our display. Photo by Dottie McCoy.

center lunchtime

The busy PHSSC at lunchtime.


quilting the boys

Joe and Jimmy, some of our buddies who visit during class.

quilt show reception

Seniors enjoying the exhibit and the treats!

Quilting is often a philanthropic endeavor.  It is always nice to have someone or some purpose in mind when making a quilt.  The class decided as a group to gift our batik quilt to the center director, Carla Zecca.  Carla is one of the kindest people you could meet, and it is clear that she is loved by the members of the center as much as she loves them.  She truly has cultivated a home away from home for so many.  Carla has been in full support of our quilting program from the beginning over two years ago.  Each year we have donated our projects to help raise money for the center during its annual fundraiser and quilts are raffled off.  Carla always tries to win and hasn’t gotten one yet!  So, this quilt is for you, Carla, we hope that it will brighten your life and know that you will cherish it.

quilt show side

A closer look at our quilt show…

quilt show front

I am so proud of this group of students, and so grateful to my co-teachers, and for the SU-CASA grant funding that made this unit possible.  The extra funding allowed us not only to buy basic quilt supplies that will last us through the year, but also to get special fabrics that complimented our batik project perfectly.  We will be taking a break for the month of July, but we will resume our program in August on our regular volunteer basis, and we will continue building upon the skills we have.  I hope that a few of the excited faces I saw during our quilt show will become new students and friends as we begin again in August.  Come quilt with us!

quilting teachers

Coleen Scott Trivett (Lead Teaching Artist) Dottie McCoy and Cyndi Freeman (Assistant Instructors) Photo: G. Bauman

Q is for Quilting Issue 2 is complete!  Click the link to view a PDF version of the special magazine that details our recent quilting projects!

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