Once you try Wasabi Potato Salad, You’ll Never Go Back

Wasabi Potato Salad

Wasabi Potato Salad

Like Kaiyu Ho over at Saucy Spatula, we too, have become addicted to the spicy, creamy, crunchy salad, that clears your sinuses and gives you that comfort food feel in your tummy.  We also attribute our recent addiction to the recipe of the geniuses at Asia Dog, who recently opened a food counter in the new and ever-so-popular Berg’n Beer Hall in Brooklyn. (Please eat the Katsu Crunch Corn Dog immediately)

We happen to have a dinner party event coming up, where each of our friends is making a pork belly recipe for all party goers to try and then judge.  We felt like this amazing salad would be the perfect, fresh compliment to the pounds of pork on everyone’s plate.  Of course, we’re going to sprinkle a touch of JD Food’s Bacon Salt on top, just for that added pork tribute.

JD Food's Bacon Salt

JD Food’s Bacon Salt

Try the recipe yourself by clicking on Saucy Spatula’s Photo.

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