How Johnathan Kayne Makes It Work


Johnathan Kayne’s designs sparkle, just like their creator.  In the literal sense, his signature gowns are covered in Swarovskis, but figuratively, they reflect the care and love Jonathan puts into designing them.  We would go so far as to say that Johnathan is the event gown guru of Project Runway.  Johnathan has the market cornered for red carpets, beauty pageants, and proms.  We would also refer to Johnathan as a Project Runway pro, as he has done his time on a regular season, and a season of All Stars.   Recently, we had the wonderful pleasure of speaking with Johnathan, and he shared with us all of the very exciting things he has going on in his sparkly world.


1.  Who are you, and what season/s did you participate in? 

I competed on Season 3 on Project Runway and was a Top 5 finalist.  I also competed on Project Runway All Stars Season 2.

2.  Please give a brief description of your design style.

My design style is very elegant and feminine. My shoe and dress collections are typically adorned with Swarovski crystals and intricate hand beading.

Johnathan Kayne Design SS2014

Johnathan Kayne Design SS2014


3.  What was the most challenging thing about the Project Runway experience BESIDES the challenges themselves?

Honestly, the most challenging aspect was trying to figure out exactly what the judges were looking for each challenge.


4.  Who have you met or worked with during or since the Project Runway experience that you are most proud of or excited about?

I have been most excited to work with and design for Jennifer Lopez, Lee Brice, Martina McBride since my Project Runway experience.

Gown by Johnathan Kayne

Lee and Sara Brice at the American Country Music Awards


Maggie Rose at the CMT Awards

Maggie Rose at the CMT Awards


5.  What are you currently working on or excited about professionally?

I have moved my home and entire business operation back to my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.  I also serve as a red carpet fashion correspondent for Country Weekly Magazine and Zuus Media. I am building my brand as the go-to red carpet designer of the south.

I am prepping to launch my SS 2015 collections debuting this fall. I also have hired a good friend and Project Runway All Star, Joshua McKinley, to collaborate on an evening wear collection.

This is the first time in history that two Project Runway Alum have collaborated on a collection!

From itsjoshuamcklinley instagram

Johnathan with collaborator and friend, Designer Joshua McKinley (From itsjoshuamcklinley instagram)


6.  Besides the basics, what sewing notion or tool could you NEVER do without?

A seam ripper.


7. How has social media impacted your life after Project Runway?

Social media has allowed me to give the world a closer look at my creative vision, and allows for my fans to see what inspires me.  I believe a picture truly is worth a thousand words, and a video, millions. We try to inspire our followers through our collections and through our social media. I love connecting with our fans, and am so thankful and blessed to have such beautiful people across the world as followers.

(Johnathan Kayne social media: Twitter: Johnathan_Kayne, YouTube: johnathankayne, Facebook:, Pinterest:

8.  Is there anything else you’d like us to know or see?

Check out my website, where you will see all of my current collections, custom designs, and related media. Also please like and follow all of my social media links on my website to stay up to date with my brand and I.

Model: Chanley Painter, Photo by Adrian

Johnathan Kayne Dress, Model: Chanley Painter, Photo by Adrian

Thank you so much to Johnathan for his participation and generous contributions to this piece.  Johnathan, it has been a pleasure chatting with you, we wish you all the best! – C.Scott

All text and images provided by Johnathan Kayne unless watermarked, linked, or specified.


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