How a designer bag is made, by Delvaux.

Here is part two on Delvaux- how a designer bag is made!

The Merrymakers

If you haven’t read my introduction to the house of Delvaux yet, first head over to my previous post right here!

Now in this post I’ll tell you why it’s a good idea to invest, yes it’s an investment, your money into a Delvaux, above all other designer bags.
I have my fair share of designer bags carefully archived in my closet, but none are more precious to me than my vintage Delvaux and my most recent buy, the Delvaux Brillant X-Ray.

When visiting the Delvaux atelier in Brussels, I discovered that all is created by hand, like the hands of the man you see in the pictures, working here for most of his life, dedicating it to the craftsmanship that is the house of Delvaux.
No industrial feel here, leather is selected from the finest hides in the leather library, scanned for mistakes, carefully cut into patterns…

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